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Wedding GB MAO still unsuccessful introduction of pay a year

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Dec. 20 Xinhua correspondent on Hu Xinqiao Liu Wu Yayuan recent intern, Trade and Industry Bureau of Wuhan City in Hubei Province to the area near the river bank branch wedding photography unit issued 20 "administrative guidance" report, requiring stores free of raw footage costs according to national standards to break the "no need to purchase raw footage into the book," the unspoken rules. Wedding photos, wedding video recording, has increasingly become an indispensable part of modern young people, the wedding can be a lot of people or a wedding photo studio was the company's "no need to purchase raw footage into the book," the unspoken rules of damage. October this year, Mr. James Wuhan citizens to the junction in a large city Jianghan shop wedding photography wedding photography. Mr. Tu was 4,000 yuan package chosen, the two sides agreed in the contract to provide 70 studio photos into an album and making picture frames, etc., while this 70 disc engraved gift, unsuccessful raw footage is not presented, voted for purchase of raw footage is 50 yuan / Photo engraved plate. After shooting, Mr. James that each photo is good, made all of the remaining 100 MAO engraved plate. However, when the receptionist told he needed an extra cost of 5,000 yuan when Mr. James suddenly blindsided. Mr. Tu told the business sector, law enforcement officers, said he thought the contract was a 50 engraved plates, did not expect to be raw footage of each dish into 50. Mr. James signed a contract that is ambiguous in advance, so the complaint to the business sector. After mediation, Mr. James eventually bought the price of 5 yuan each unsuccessful raw footage. It is understood that the wedding market for the "hidden rules", my first wedding market regulations "marriage ceremony services," the national standard was December 1, 2009 issued and implemented. The clearly defined national standards, the wedding industry should be made, including photos, videos, CD-ROM delivered within the specified time customers, but also to be produced in the process of recording all the raw data. One year later, no need to purchase raw footage into the book is still the wedding photography industry's "hidden rules." To this end, Trade and Industry Bureau of Wuhan Branch of the river bank near to the area payment of 20 units of wedding photography, "Industrial and Commercial Administration administrative guidance" report, presented photographic unit shall be delivered to the customer data related to the original comments. Trade and Industry Bureau of Wuhan Branch of the river bank on the survey area studio visits, found along the riverbank, Zhongshan Avenue studio about 85% or more dense areas of large studio separate charges for unsuccessful implementation of raw footage, the amount of from 20-50 yuan range Some studio courses will be taken the way, according to the price level corresponding to the number of raw footage presented, less than 10% of the studio options free of charge. River bank branch of law enforcement officials told reporters that although "marriage ceremony services" national standards are voluntary standards, not mandatory, but regardless of industry or wedding photography industry, have some of the key provisions in the contract on consumers express, can not the content of the contract so that consumers ambiguity; the other hand, the business should be fully respected the wishes of consumers, not through some "soft means" to force a disguised consumption. "The studio paid for the" industrial and commercial administration administrative guidance "report, hoping to effectively solve the problem, if you find a photo studio in illegal business activities, the business sector in accordance with relevant laws and regulations will be investigated and punished according to law." The law enforcement officers told reporters.
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