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Advisory Council on the first day of Wuhan brilliant idea: wedding professiona

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June 28, Wuhan City, the twenty-first national college admissions consulting in the Wuhan Optical Valley Convention and Exhibition Centre, more than 200 universities focus on the stall outside the province to accept the candidates face to face, parent consultation. About 50 vocational college site consultation by the majority of the candidates is, in particular the large number of low-scoring candidates of all ages. New Directions Employment wedding funeral Consultation will be the scene, the reporter saw many students and parents consult some of the new professional and popular professional. Vocational School District in Wuhan stand, modern technology and management of the funeral, wedding planning and services, rehabilitation and other rare professional "debut." According to the College Admissions Office Director Wang Ying introduced the high employment rate of these three professional, wedding planning and train service is the order, belonging to the first enrollment, school and wedding planning company in Hubei large orders signed training agreement. Funeral profession for the more mysterious, Director Wang said modern technology and management expertise funeral is to develop knowledge of national and local governments, civil affairs related to the funeral industry laws and regulations, and have some management skills of senior technical talents, generally or in a funeral parlor jobs cemetery and other units. Rehabilitation professionals need apply for students requires patience and love, the profession mainly for social welfare agencies, hospitals, rehabilitation centers. This reporter learned that the admission for the candidates concerned, Director Wang told reporters at about 300 liberal arts, science can apply for the school at 270. In addition, industry-specific, some professional students have a certain image quality requirements. Nursing Ph.D. study also immeasurable future "According to national health care reform trends will increase demand for senior care professionals." Vocational and Technical College, Wuhan University School of Medicine Teacher Liu told reporters that the school has set up 70 years of nursing, is the oldest organized by Hubei Nursing graduates of the top three hospitals and more jobs in the province, and a nursing qualification certificates in more than 70% pass rate. Because relying on the Wuhan University School of Medicine, the outstanding doctoral nursing students can read. 3-year nursing education system, as the practice of professional focus on hands-on capacity, the first two years of professional knowledge in school, arrangements for the third year students to the school of Wuhan University affiliated hospital or other hospital internship year. On admission, candidates in the province of Liu that line 15 points or more can apply for it. Similarly, the nursing students also have a certain image quality requirements. Candidates need to pay close attention to time constraints reported June 28-July 3 is the province the second time in completing college candidates volunteer time, colleges and universities have reported: the first, second, the fourth installment of three batches of undergraduate colleges and vocational colleges to enroll to participate vocational examination of the characteristics of the school graduates and two undergraduate and vocational college graduates, and Wuhan to build health, recruiting high-level athletes and 艺术特长生 institutions. Completing the volunteer Web site in Hubei have been published online enrollment information, candidates can enter the site click on completing the volunteer page. The brilliant idea consultation will last 2 days, June 29 will continue to receive the majority of candidates and their parents advice.
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