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Housing rents rise facade wedding companies have moved in Jinan

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Noisy wedding season just passed, Jinan many wedding companies and work again. However, this time they are busy moving. Facade facing increasingly high housing rent, wedding operator set his sights on the Scriptorium relatively cheap rent. The Grand View Garden, Hung House, home shopping company, headed by four wedding gathering area, but also shape. "Busy wedding? Now not empty, the first move to say." Today, Wang Jinan, owner of the company to open the wedding, said cheerfully. Her company had near the door in the Daming Lake, near the train station a while ago she was optimistic about the local office buildings. Taking advantage of November's wedding more than to spend time with the move. Jinan Code of Love Wedding Company Manager Yao QQ group also hung out of the company's new address. In his view, the company moved into offices wedding somewhat helpless. "It is about 4200 yuan a month rent, more expensive than last year, more than 600 dollars. Scriptorium rent is 3,500 yuan." Appears in the Manager Yao, the money saved can help newcomers to properly do a good job marketing. Some have a well-known companies have entered the office of the wedding, is also gradually changing the layout of the wedding company in Jinan City "territory." Liu Yongbo Provincial Committee of ritual ceremonies, said that since last year, part of the wedding company began "retreat into the building," even more prominent this year. Now formed by Grand View Garden, by the way, hongjialou district, high-tech zones such as the four Shunhua Road area wedding companies gathering area. "Wedding is a trend the company into the office." Distinguished Lecturer, the National Commission on the wedding industry, said Li Ping, general, good development momentum of the wedding company, in business about three years, will be able to rely on word of mouth and reputation to consolidate the market. Li Ping said, and many wedding-related industries, and now a wedding can be done by way of division of labor. Some of the strength of the wedding company can do by special planning, access to higher revenues than the original, will not want to spend more money on window dressing rooms rent.
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