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Nanning companies to lobby for the wedding dress design wedding ideas Zaobao use

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The afternoon of July 14, from Nanning, the eternal wedding, wedding in Paris, Le Figaro and friends wedding banquet margin of 9 hotels wedding guest at the Faculty in southern Zaobao (www.ngzb.com.cn), with friends online interaction of couples in planning a wedding is easy to encounter problems, and specifically for the users "angel wings" to provide the wedding ideas.

Wedding: wedding theme should be attention to detail

Moderator: how to make wedding theme runs through the audience it?

cindy (Le Figaro Wedding Planner): The props, and have a core of landmark design; scene lighting, music, arranged to have the overall sense. Content in the wedding ceremony and program have turned a deaf ear critical projects. Finally, the master of ceremonies string of words to reflect the theme.

Moderator: Planning a theme wedding and wedding companies on how to communicate?

cindy: we must first focus on preparation in advance - wedding planners usually recommend new people for love, photo, photos, venue information, to facilitate planners to help newcomers get to the point quickly. Second, we must fully communicate - and the couple exchange wedding planners, will tap their love story with experience in the "bright spot." The third is the wedding scene of communication equipment using a variety of professional stage - in this aspect, new companies be described in advance with the wedding you want to stage effects.

Moderator: Now a very popular wedding to play in the wedding video.

cindy: Yes, in addition to "growth cum Journey of Love" video, the new growth, knowing each other, fell in love with the photos made into video accompanied by text descriptions; shooting family and friends before the wedding the couple's blessing; next of kin of the wonderful wedding day into a video montage wedding shows.

Moderator: How to choose the wedding master of ceremonies?

alex: good MC needs of standard Mandarin, the expression of smooth, with a broad range of knowledge, a strong spot response capacity, affinity and global control capabilities. In general, the master of ceremonies at the wedding preparations and the new time will keep in touch, follow up the preparatory process, to remind the new site all sorts of possible conditions. Wedding companies, hotels preferences and requirements according to new recommendations master of ceremonies.

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