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Emcee gives new device: Make it of the red play that include a holiday grabs on

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“ marriage is happy event originally, how I am so hapless. ” recently, in Cai Min China (alias) on wedding, emcee thinks up “ to grab the new program of red bag ” . Red bag of prop of ”——— of result “ what was make-believe has become true is grabbed smooth, the really red bag on body of Cai Min China also meets with “ loot ” . New personality is disastrous, joyance alls gone.

   Grab red bag ” to do atmosphere emcee to put forward “

“ at the beginning occasion is very sweet and auspicious. Emcee puts forward, to can turn spot mood to the climax, do a “ to grab the new program of red bag ” . Of course, ” of this “ red bag is not guest people sent red package, it is the small red parcel that new him people prepares.

In emcee guidance falls, cai Min China has ten packages 5 yuan, 10 yuan prop red Bao Sai is in pocket of outboard of him business suit.

“ begins to grab! ” emcee make fall. Rush up in a crowd of the guest below field, if “ attacks to bridegroom like fierce tiger ” , a few pairs of hands extend all pockets to bridegroom. At the beginning of “ grabs red bag ” , bridal Xiaoqiu returns ground of light up with pleasure to be in aside ” of “ view battle.

Bridal atmosphere, what expect like emcee really is same, reach a climax.

   Red bag of outsmart oneself true and false is robbed by “ ”

Before long, xiaoqiu discovers the husband the complexion of Cai Min China is something wrong. His both hands covers closely business suit, at the same time vociferation: Stop, do not want to grab, the red bag inside does not want to grab.

Since be “ ,be troubled by marriage ” , guest people without giving thought to these, continue “ grabs ” .

“ my red bag. ” bridegroom Guan Caimin China complexion is cadaverous, sound is being taken cry antrum. See the condition is abnormal, emcee announces the activity ends immediately, visitor urges before going up with the bride.

Stand on the stage the new business suit of Cai Min China is extremely messy, trousers pocket is exerted oneself to do sth. exceeding guest is pulled so that took off a line.

Original, before the activity begins, the really red Bao Sai that he sends guest is in the inside pocket of own business suit. Unwitting guest people prop red bag “ grabs ” , also “ loot ” really red bag. There are 500 yuan of cashes that differ to 1000 yuan inside that.

Finally, only 1 person returned a 800 yuan red bag. New personality loss is close 10 thousand yuan, return a loss good memory.

   “ love is held in the palm lift dislocate of ” bridegroom arm

Last month, zhou Ling army and Zhou Qian enter marital assembly hall, a few brother of Zhou Ling army ask he raises a bride to give visitor people dot smoke.

The marriage gauze that 100 jins weight adds massiness and deserve to act the role of, say less to also 110 jins Zhou Qian lets Zhou Ling army appear a little demanding. Leave trashy handle to do not fall, zhou Ling army lifted the bride at a dash rise, and each ground begins to light cigarette. Bridegroom sweat flows be full of, arm must not support with respect to acid soon. Put down a bride to take a rest, should Zhou Ling army prepares to hold the bride in the palm again raise when coming, feel arm a pang, fell to come down immediately. Subsequently, zhou Ling army is in of the mother support sb with hand came down the long march hospital around. It is dislocate of left hand arm through diagnosing.

[Raise action]

Answer such circumstance actually, new personality is differ want him reluctance to come to those who cooperate friends to offer surely. New personality is bridal leading role, the demand that authority exceeds him ability to permit to this kind says “ not ” , the business that reachs without deal with according to law not should on toughen one's scalp-brace oneself, can be both sides does not please only as a result otherwise.

   Bridegroom of ” of “ depth charge on the spot drunk fall

August 16 is the wedding of Cao Liang and bridal Zhang Liping, go up in marriage banquet to avoid by fill wine, cao Liang made preparation early, asked 4 partner man that can drink. Which know, have on there is the way to deal with a situation below policy, friend and colleague think a method to accompany 4 man to leave dispersedly, stranded “ of this pair of new personality finally ” to be in among them before one desk.

Because how be familiar with Cao Liang's capacity for liquor, friends matched cup name to be the mixture wine of ” of “ depth charge secretly, in the mouth that direct after one cannikin white spirit was added in beer fill entered Cao Liang. Powerful wine flavour at a draught capacity for liquor not the Cao Liang of beautiful is knockdown, dizzy hind he was in on the ground. This state at the same time the bride is frightened foolish, cried on the spot, in everybody 7 hands 8 feet help below, passed half hours, cao shines to just regain consciousness gradually, but consciousness or some faintness.

[Raise action]

Encounter such situation, bridegroom can allude capacity for liquor to everybody through emcee beforehand not beautiful, it is festival after all when, serve as friend and relative to won't coerce new personality does the business that is not willing to do forcibly.

Even if drink, the partner man beside also can make some of preparation, precondition a few bottles of tailor-made “ wine ” , him bridegroom lets drink in crucial moment.

   “ is troubled by marriage ” to destroy atmosphere overly instead

This year is to marry height, “ is evil do ” ethos to also be passed to wedding gradually, answer dawn sociology fastens professor Fan Wei to amount to say, the meaning of contemporary wedding is in not only itself, still depend on it reflecting the civilized rate that gives a society and progress.

Put in many “ to make marriage ” appearance really socially nowadays, appear in bridal spot regular meeting a few compare exorbitant program, and these programs not only cannot add to marital hall brightness, what still can profane wedding even is divine, stay to life cannot the shame of efface and regret. So every guest must master degree, must not wanton destroy, the wedding that assists new personality to finish a happiness gives them best gift namely.

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