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Red in May what industry " drink wedding feast "

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51 golden weeks grow a holiday 7 days in, mr Liu drove 5 marriage banquet, “5 month drove 3 one days 5 days, ” Mr Liu says, was dumbfounded into the hotel at that time, unexpectedly 5 wedding are held in a hotel at the same time, “ is not bad, the hotel made demonstrative brand, meet otherwise muddleheaded drinks a fault wedding feast. ”

Face “ red in May ” , new people is happy, kin friend is glad also. In fact, with marriage celebrate relevant businessmen glad also, because they got a bright red package that new people delivers.

Many pairs of 12 thousand new personality are on red carpet

Consuetudinary power is really great. Last year is chicken year, and without “ spring ” , and this year is a dog year, be in early accordingly the beginning of the year, concerned personage is forecasted, affirmative this year meeting is greeted marry height. But marry tide appeared centrally in May so, or beyond the expect of a lot of people. The example of Mr Liu may have some of extreme, according to estimation, had attended the citizen there are plenty of such people of two above wedding May. In a few not big units, several people became bridegroom or bride May.

Jinan city marriage celebrates the data that celebration association provides, also became evidence from another angle. According to its Liu Yongbo of undersecretary of propagandist layout ministry introduces, during 51 golden weeks, jinan urban district holds bridal field number to achieve 6219, whole in May, the bridal field number that 5 day, whole town hold reachs peak peak, all broke through 3000. Estimate according to him, whole in May, jinan had 12 thousand to enter marital hall to new personality more about. This one word rose than the corresponding period of in former years 20% , predicted to be able to occupy annual 20% the left and right sides.

Marriage celebrated a company to receive ” of red bag of 10 million “

Glad more than the kin friend that is new personality and new personality, still have with marriage celebrate relevant businessman. Include among them marriage celebrate a company, when holding wedding because of very much nowadays new personality, already was all things no longer oneself monopolize, the marriage that gave major one share issue however celebrates a company.

Director of one celebration company introduces Jinan, they received 100 many bill in all May, nearly 50 wedding did during 51 golden weeks only. According to introducing, the wedding May is very much this year the person begins to book from last year, 34 month order “ again this year, far from likely. Because early be booked full. ” introduces according to its, include car of candy of wedding feast, happy event, marriage inside ” of “ complete set serves, of a wedding collect fees be as high as 449 yuan, and if if want emcee only,sheet carries, photograph picture, bridal cloth is exhibited, collect fees have many little. The agreement of “ romance ” marriage celebrates Zhang Jian of service company director to introduce, during the golden week, as a result of flower, field equal in value case rises, integral charge estimation rose 30% the left and right sides. In addition, marriage car also rise 200 yuan or so, like common lengthen Kaidilake is 1700 yuan usually / day left and right sides, 51 during went up 2000 yuan / day.
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