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In May newly-married

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News date: 2> of daily of hill of 006-5-8< elder brother

Date: On May 3, 2006
Tell about a person: Cost gentleman, wuhan person
Arrange: Reporter Ma Anni
In the morning, sunshine illuminate all things, outside looking at beautiful inn busy the counterjumper that plunging into festooned vehicle, my mood is bright like this weather, warm. Because today, my general marries my bride.
The bride is person of riverside of stone of elder brother hill. My Lai Kunshan is not worth two months, it is person of hill of new elder brother. We agree native place of hill of preexistence elder brother does wedding, answer Wuhan native place to send one's respects to close friend together again. For this, wedding undertakes according to this locality custom, the situation because of me is special, meet some make a change.
Receive a bride
According to convention, when receiving a bride, meeting equipment gets stand in the way, more be unavoidable to want with a matron of honour people expend talking around one time, important juncture still must fill in ” of bribery of “ of a few red bags one. Nevertheless, those who rejoice is, I can be to be passed smoothly today, did not get ” of too much “ create difficulties for sb. When the room entrance that comes to the bride when me, door lock, the curtain also is pulled. Pass through the aperture of the curtain, the bride that I see me a white gauze, lovely edge of bed of ground sit quietly. Then, I knock, agog hope can see my bride well. It is OK that “ should look, how to express? Sound is transmitted in ” room. Then, two red bags filled in below my agitate in everybody. The door opened, I am glad at a matron of honour people good intention bowel. Original, I am true this benedictory is young nephew of 5 years old, he from mother-in-law there took the key to open the door. Presumably, he feels father of husband's younger sister is ferial certainly wait for him pretty good, the moment of truth helps on one.
Give happy money
Marriage banquet is set in stone riverside native place, the 6 Zhang Yuan desks that put inside two house of first floor are the chairman of our marriage banquet. Between banquet, an old person can give the people of have dinner transmissive towel, wipe face, relieve oneself. According to consuetudinary, need serves as to happy money acknowledge. Although, overnight already reviewed a lot of times in the heart, remember need to notice what custom repeatedly, farther-in-law mother-in-law asked the old person that rule knows on the village technically still, accompany our bridal whole process. But I or insecurity, him concern a nonnative, do not take care bad the custom of this locality, swept everybody's interest. Then, I ask to the bride from time to time, affirm, eliminate the uneasiness in him heart, how should have also done everything to old person ask for advice, because I think,give my bride a the most perfect wedding.
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