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Plan of marriage law law 14 ask

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One, " marriage law of People's Republic of China " what is basic principle?
" marriage law " basic principle is:
1, marriage is free;
2, one husband one wife;
3, equality of men and women;
4, the legitimate rights and interests that protects woman, children, old person;
5, execute family planning.

2, " marriage law " does formulary lowest marry how much is the age?
Marry the age, male must not antedate 22 one full year of life, female must not antedate 20 one full year of life. Encourage late childbirth of marry at a mature age.

3, " marriage law " does formulary marriage ascend summary what to requirement have?
1, the men and women is bilateral must completely freewill;
2, both sides of male and female must reach legal marriageable age;
3, both sides of male and female must accord with a monogamy;
4, both sides of male and female does not have the consanguineous relation that prohibits marrying;
5, both sides of male and female does not have the disease that thinks to ought not to marry on medicine.

4, is the State Council new promulgate carry out " does marriage register byelaw " right former " does marriage register regulation " what main content was made edit?
1, cancel marriage to register by unit or village (house) civilian committee the method that issues a proof, marry change to make the signature without spouse and the relative relation that did not prohibit marrying with the other side state by party;
2, the body that amassed rural dweller to deal with marriage to register appropriately;
3, did not make to examination of the medicine before marriage mandatory regulation;
4, increased to fill do marry register, invalid marriage and but the regulation of cancel marriage;
5, the active regulation that area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of overseas Chinese of compatriots of concerned concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, experience, experience dweller marriage registers undertook incorporating.

5, what is the meaning that cancels unit marital status to prove instead is stated by the individual?
Marital status proves the reform of means, body reveals marriage to register the change on legislative concept, it is the compulsory standard change to right standard, it is the administrative pattern that depends on collective to believe to provide for oneself individually the change of mode, the unit superintends the duty change to individual self-discipline responsibility, be with when the incorporate that all enters.

6, why to serve as examination of the medicine before marriage no longer marry register before buy order?
After editing " marriage registers byelaw " order of the buy before checking the medicine before marriage what register as marriage no longer, the medicine before whether not be engaged is checked, advocate however decide independently by party, execute examination of the medicine before marriage of one's own accord, include to whether check freewill, examination of one's own accord what project is freewill. Actually, although law sets the project that checks compulsively, satisfy the need of party very hard also. Serve as the health care before marriage, medical establishment can recommend a certain number of examination projects to party, the specification may affect the status that marry and bears, choose the item that oneself need from which by party.
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