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Is marring too early good? Is marry at a mature age good?

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Recently, the reporter is disparate to coming from industry, different the 50 youths men and women of age interval " the age that suits to marry most " this one topic undertook a phone interview. Among them, male of 30 years old of above 10 people, 30 years old of the following males 13 people; 12 people of female of 30 years old of above, 15 people of 30 years old of the following females. 39% what married crowd holds total number.

Investigation shows, 10% what hold the number of opinion of marring too early to hold sum total about; Clique of marry at a mature age is occupied 30% ; Random clique, namely happy-go-lucky, get better closes, hold great majority, have 54% ; Dim to marriage, 6% what hold to the single group that lead a gender to hold total number even.

Clique of marring too early: Managing love cost, get married first hind establish line of business

Miss Zhang year fragrant 25, had been a mother of 2 years old of sons however. Somebody thinks age is manacled by marriage gently, be not a favour, miss Zhang has opinion additionally one time however. She tells a reporter, she and present gentleman are known when reading an university. They differ 8 years old. The university graduates, they held wedding. After a year, little baby is born. "When a lot of females choose to undertake in the job smoothly is become suitably, marry parturient, I feel such way is right domestic it may not be a bad idea, career, it is adverse. Everything must have an in the order of arrival. Plan the family first appropriate, go out again enterprise, also be a right choice. "

The idea of Miss Zhang represented a flock of female point of views that hold marring too early apparently. Still a few young and single women also express, good now man is less and less, multiply oneself young and beautiful looking for a good husband to be married rapidly just is the best thing to do. Of course, also have the man that line of business establishs after the view gets married first, their reason no more than is managing love cost, throw more energy and financial capacity in long-term plan. This are dry after marrying dry.

Marring too early sends scale of male and female: 1: 2.5

Clique of marry at a mature age: The job the first, feeling the 2nd

A messages said recently, having multitude of 8 big occupational is the follower that marry at a mature age sends. Include sale of medium of IT industry, hairdressing, advertisement, public relations to wait among them. In investigating a process this, the reporter also discovers the crowd that holds point of view of marry at a mature age is gathering basically on some a few kinds of professions. And these industries have one big general character, that is " busy " !
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