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Shanghai executes marriage check free

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The hands-off marriage that raise a proposal only

Shanghai executes marriage check free

According to " news evening paper " report on September 1 morning 9 when 30 minutes, the reporter comes to registry office of marriage of bureau of civil administration of area of Tuo of Shanghai illuminate all things, 45 pairs of new personality come round to register, accepted free marriage check.

Reporter discovery, with what differ before be, a pair " accurate new personality " after doing a series of registering, before the member that can marriage check guides is greeted enthusiasticly, those who wear pink beautiful new clothes " marriage guide " " congratulation newly-married " , say to get new personality joyful.

In subsequently communication, "Marriage guide " the importance that nice to just was being registered newlywed person introduced marital health, encourage new personality to receive marriage check; If new personality still is put,have doubt, "Marriage guide " can guide them to come next door " marital family advisory room " , accept what offer by professional doctor " man-to-man " healthy advisory service. If accept free marriage check, "New personality " can get free marriage check to serve connection sheet directly, arrangement between available Yu Shi courtyard of health care of women and children of Pu Tuo area goes accepting free marriage check before every Saturday.

A professional personage of courtyard of health care of women and children thinks, although marriage check is led,can achieve 100% , their job just also gives out " unfavorable marriage " , "Unfavorable bear " proposal, whether to marry the manner that the key depends on new people be being held to marriage.

The project of free marriage check that this whole town pursues includes relevant health care to seek advice, sieve of examination of relevant constitution check-up, department of gynaecology, vaginal secretion examination, syphilis is checked, antigen of surface of liver of amino move enzymatic second, tuberculosis sieve checks third ammonia acid. These marriage check projects press customary rate, want 60 yuan each.

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